Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have all these great thoughts seriously!

Like: "why... but hte.. I'm hungry... pizza.. so tired.. droool... eyes.. failing me"

Yeah so I'm super mentally literate right now. So you get a post!

Just to weigh in on the unending crazy huge gossip circle about the horsie that happened this weekend(I'm sure this is dead horse material by now but still).

I've always held that there is no "right or wrong" pricing options for anything that isn't considered a basic human need.

If blizzard decided today to offer a new superclass that did 5% more damage/healing/threat than any other class and charged $30 more a month for it? I'd still be playing WoW. I wouldn't even consider this a horribly unfair thing.

Because thats how everything else in life works that I've seen. Exclusive access or extra perks or better service... costs more money.

Alternatively if Blizz sold xp or gold or gear... you know I'd be fine with buying it if it let me get to the portion of the game I wanted to play. And I'd be fine with other people buying it too. Their gear level doesn't change my game play(pve) and when it does(pvp) well.. I'm already lightyears behind anyone of the endlessly super rich players who exist now. They are blessed with endless amounts of time and time is worth more than money.

So changing the game where people with money could get perks? How would that change it for me? I'd still be way behind the guys with money just like I'm behind the guys with time. I think the only people affected would be the guys with time as they would have competition for those pixels on their screen.

And tada everyone is happy because they get a post from a braindead me on the issue.

p.s. Blizz might want to price any such options to such a degree that the money made would balance for the subscription lost by the player getting bored after they've beaten everything.

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