Monday, April 19, 2010

Taking a moment.


So the last time I posted was six days ago. The time before that? 6 more days. Sorry all.

I am an extremely distractable person. I flutter from topic to topic and subject to subject. If/when my life isn't planned and organized and predictable then I find it impossible to get things done.

So when we moved and then right after the move our Orclette contracted strep... my ability to get my homework done was destroyed. So to keep it happening I had to sacrifice the blog and most of my gaming. Then I followed that up by the next week getting a lovely part time job.... which while a very relaxed 1.5-2 hours a night still eats up my free time that I had. And in two weeks we have finals. :P

So let me tell you a few quick updates and then get back to playing with the mini-orc.

There is this book. I love this book. The author is one of my favorite authors. But this book it makes me cry. Not allegorical tears at the book. Actual tears. When I read it... the entire chain of dogs plot line makes me cry. I have to stop and wipe my eyes to be able to continue reading. Now I'm a kinda weepy guy when it comes to storylines that can make you cry. And injustice always makes me angry...(when I watched Hotel Rwanda I was angry and crying and so pissed off I had to get up and leave the room and spent the next two to three hours angrily pacing around my apartment complex thinking about how much human beings suck.)

But this book it makes me cry and I love it so very much and wanted to recommend it to you. Not because it makes me cry but because it is an excellent book.

I also read Brandon Sanderson's new book Warbreaker. It is a fun fast read. I liked it for the most part. Lightsong's storyline surprised me a bit. I'd recommend it but I'm not sure I'd buy it again... it felt like a decent book but the characters didn't grab me the way his mistborn characters did. Still he's one of my more beloved authors.

Miniorc is fully mobile now. Orclette is so grown up and so not at the same time. How a two yearold can seem grownup is beyond me but she does.

School is good. I'm fine gradewise in Chem, Physics(so far) and EE. My last Calculus test punched me in the mouth... I'm kinda worried about it now. Physics... is going great... but I'm always worried about classes that have 5-7 question tests... you never know if you'll walk into the test with the dumb brain and ruin your gpa.(p.s. I know at this point that I will pass all of my classes that is not what I'm worried about)

Life is relatively good. Last guard drill I passed my pushups and my run. Working on my situps but still have until May before my PT tests start counting according to my platoon Sgt.

Love the new place.

WoW toons are on hold. With as little time as I have I don't want to waste it running 5mans so all I ever do when I log on is level up the lowbies.

And I have to get off and pickup the wulfa now.

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