Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something I have always kind of known.

Your gear doesn't affect your groups ability to do things that horribly much in wrath. Okay... if you have crafted blues it doesn't. If you are wearing level 70 greens at 80 then maybe it will :P.

Anyone can tank heroics. I know I've healed enough low hps tanks. Heck a tank with almost no hps can still -speed- tank heroics if his dps is good.

Anyone can dps heroics. This means ANYONE AT ALL if the rest of the group is median skill level*. This means anyone with 1k+ dps if the rest of the group has the wow population mean skill level.

Anyone can heal heroics. But you'll have to drink a lot if their gear is low.

I hear all the time people talking about gearscores etc via blogs. I have never been asked about my gear score. I have never heard anyone talk about a gearscore in game. And I've never seen anyone inspect another persons toon and quit party.**

I healed random heroics in blues and greens. Heck three pieces were below iLevel 150. Gearing up in my mind only means "making this less stressful and more fun". I -don't- like being mana starved(aka: below 80%) most of the instance. I -like- boredly letting juvey do all my healing. So I gear up for heroics. But that doesn't mean I needed to do so before running them.

Oh and I've never had to end a party because we didn't have the ability to finish the instance. Only because people couldn't play nice with each other.

The point:
Gear matters very very little towards your ability to beat content.

Gear however can quickly make your skill irrelevant. Oh you still might have wipes and slow down things...but with top end gear you -can- just sleep roll your face through eventually completing heroics.

Disclaimer: This kind of post... not my strong point. But the topic was on my mind. Everyone knows this... so more of a rant thing.

*AKA: the middle value on the skill range... not the population average.
**The only possible reason I can see to do this anyways. is if your tank isn't defense capped.... because please... anyone can get defense capped... they just might not have any health/threat left after they do so.


scott said...

I agree, and I think people spend too much time looking at damage meters and gearscores.

klaki said...

"Anyone can tank heroics."
Nope! I've seen plenty of tanks that hold aggro like Mother Teresa. Now either this be the tank's or dps's fault varies.

Gearscore is important, just not as important as some would make you think it is. Gearscore is also only really relevant in raids, not heroics. You want some kinda standard of gear depending on the raid. However, a high GS doesn't mean you're a good dps.

'Gearing up in my mind only means "making this less stressful and more fun"'
Try less stressful and more BORING. I heal on a shammy and believe me, once you get to a certain level of heals, it's extremely boring healing heroics. I can pop an Earth shield and sleep. Maybe cast a Riptide every once in a while.

Your main point still is true for MOST heroics. The higher end one does require some better gear for the dps you need to fight the bosses. Good thing that the LFG finder has a gear check mechanism in it. :)

Dammerung said...

Anyone can tank meant: anyone who can tank can tank whatever their gear. If the dps don't allow you to tank that isn't your fault.

If putting out 1k tps gives your dps enough room to generate enough damage to kill the boss then it isn't your fault if they don't know how watch the threat ceiling. That would be like saying you can't tank when you keep dying because your healer doesn't know how to heal right.

For me. I like "relaxing" healing. It is far more fun for me to simply lightly tap rejuvination every once in a great while and keep the tank topped off the entire time. :P My druid has finally reached that point. Sadly however I'm usually asked to tank now by malcik because he's tired of tanking and wants someone to heal for.