Monday, February 22, 2010

Bronze drake

Me, Mooncadence(now a guy toon which is weird)(still a guy in RL), and Malcik got Wulfa a bronze drake last night. All sorts of yay happy happy. You know whats odd. I've gained like.... 200 emblems total I think(2 idols = 50, 2pT9 = 60, +27... okay so not 200). So like 137 or so. 90% gained by the random heroic function. Thats like 4 a heroic = 30 heroics or so. Randomly generated. And I had never even seen the Culling. And it is a fun instance, easy easy bosses.. nothing tricky... lovely trash everywhere for rage gen. I wish it popped more regularly.

Knowing that it takes roughly 25 min is also nice. It helps you plan out your evening very nicely if you are doing it purely for emblems. Which I sometimes do.

Thats it for now folks. Have a great monday. Unless you are Ruune in which case your Monday is like 90% over by now. Her and Pie and the rest of them earlybirds can have a great tuesday!

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Ruune said...

Those crazy Southern Hemisphere people, outrageous!