Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not even sure where to start.(rant)

/post exam rant

I hate exams with 5-10 problems. I often overlook small simple things on exams that I catch immediantly on homeworks.

I just got out of my calculus test and while the test was ridiculously easy for the most part(7 of 9 problems) I somehow let trig identities float out of my head and right after the test saw my mistake and wish I could go back in and fix it.

Here is the mistake:

Find the limit as x goes to zero.
tan 3x
----------- = 1.
tan 4x

which it isn't. the answer is 3/4.

I'm not even going to go into how I got the stupid answer. Lets just put it at sin 3x doesn't equal 3sin x. I should know this. It is simple. But retarded.

That cost me 5 points. I probably lost another 10 for the other trig ident problem.

I'm frustrated because this is the 2nd test where simple math errors have cost me fairly major points.

I slow down and double check my work but still missing things. want to kick face self beat angry.
/post exam rant off

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