Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dude who stole my towel?!!!

My gym requires you to have a towel when you work out. I think that's great-it's more likely you'll mop up that patch of sweat you left on the weight machine.

I start out my workout on the treadmill. That's where I was this morning, doing sprints, and VOOM there goes my towel off the treadmill. I had 12 minutes left. I have yet to discover how to pause the darn machine and successfully make it go again without reseting ALL of my data (I know which buttons to push but it's never turned out right). So I figure that I'll just get it when I'm done. It's right behind me, minding it's own business.


After the first rush of rage (come on! I was right there! It was obviously mine!) it occurred to me that they might have turned it in thinking that some poor soul had lost their towel without which you can't workout. So I decided to head over to the front desk. First I check the trashcan-just in case-and thankfully nothing there. Ask the young man at the front desk and no-nothing turned in. Initial rage returns-WHO STEALS A SWEATY TOWEL? Fortunately I had one in the car so I could continue my workout.

That is WAY too much drama for 4:30 am. And it is indicative of our no room to budge schedule. I am not usually one to fly off the handle.

Probably increased my calorie burning for the morning, though.

Rage. Over a towel.

That's just not right.

But seriously-WHO steals a sweaty towel?

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Shrinn said...

That's just terrific, eh? LOL!