Friday, February 5, 2010

Healing thoughts:

I respecced my resto druid this week. I had somehow missed Nature's splendor. Also I had 5/5 in Naturalist and 2/2 in Improved Tranquility.

Now I -like- improved tranquility and taking the 2 points from there is something I"m only trying. I have used the spell to save parties many times and 0 threat from doing so is a nice thing for a pugging healer.

5/5 naturalist, however was a complete waste. The only time I -ever- use healing touch is in combination with Nature's Swiftness so reducing its cast time is a waste of 5 talents. These talents were used instead to help me reach Nature's Splendor in the balance tree.

I moved the Improved Tranquility points over to empowered touch. I'm using nourish more and more and more(still less than Regrowth I think but about even). With my new 2piece bonus from t9 I'm even more likely to. Just from talents and gear I now have a 37% crit chance for nourish. Throw in my 13% spell crit from stats... and yeah that spell is very likely to be used even more.

Speaking of gear. I've had a lot of lovely drops lately. This staff, these boots from a guildie, these pants, this trinket from Wulfa after Malcik was given it for free by a stranger and I whined, this and this from the vendor, and finally this chest and these bracers. Oh and also a guildee who I helped out fully gemmed me and enchanted me.

Other than the bracers and shoulders all of that came this week. And now:
1757 spellpower in treeform(1991 when my idol procs).
281 haste rating
442 mana regen(246 while casting)
16011 mana

With self casted Mark of the Wild.

Life is finally really good gear wise. I'm very happy and can't wait to heal with all the new things(although I'm proud that I did heroic FoS without half of it(and before I did regular FoS or PoS).)

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