Saturday, February 6, 2010


So guess who hit 80 and NEVER remembered to train?

Yep, that would be me.

Just found that out last night when I participated in my first ever 10-man in Wrath. Talk about embarrassing.

But I think the raid went well. I seem to remember Karazhan taking a long time to get through and now it feels like we go in, can take on almost the entire thing at once, and still survive. In fact when we wiped (on Kael'Thas, I think Naxx) it took me by surprise because I had been lulled into thinking we were invincible. And promptly after wiping meself, bro-in-law 1 and bro-in-law 2 stood too close together after repeated instructions NOT to stand close together and all three of us went down. Wipe #2. After that we successfully downed him but an abomination took one to many swipes at me so I went down right as the fight started. Got rezzed right before the end. Got the head piece, 34 badges of triumph (not all from that one place, I just had noticed how many I had and that I could probably start getting better gear now).

Anyway, fun stuff. I was completely off baby aggro thanks to Damm so it was a nice break. I actually could talk on Vent, although I really didn't take advantage of that fact. I don't like speaking. I tend to freeze up. In English and in Spanish. If you don't speak directly at me I'm fine. But the moment you ask me a question-especially if I'm not prepared for it-I freeze. But that is off-topic.

I think that about the time I get better gear for Wulfa the new expansion will be out and I will have to start all over. But at least I won't be having a baby and a husband absentee for training. I might actually get to play. I really like our Friday night Saturday night play WoW setup. I feel absolutely no guilt about not doing schoolwork/housework because I really have not had a break since the last Friday and Saturday night. It's awesome.

And that's it about raiding/gear/etc. I'm not really the one you should go to for info since I just found out how to tell if the level of gear you're wearing/contemplating is lvl 200 or not. And I would have to look in my Achievements to tell you precisely which instances I went through (all of 'em garnered the achievement for me ... woot for points!).

But that's not why I play.

I play so me and my cat/wolf/bear can be free. Free to roam the open range. Free to stop and smell the roses. Heh. The truth is I just don't have the mental capability right now to devote to WoW or I would be able to tell you about gear and the really cool places you could go to take down deadly bosses.

Maybe in three years or so when I finish my degree:)

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scott said...

Well, I realized during the sapphiron fight that I still hadn't upgraded any of the spells in my shadow spec bars since I had hit 80. I fixed that before KT.

Last night we did VOA, and an add on that Ruune has whispered me to tell me that I was not using the highest level of Vampiric Touch that I could be.

It happens, especially with the dual specs.