Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chemistry vs. WoW

Last night my intent was to continue working on chemistry. Our first half-test (inserted into this course so we could see where we were without screwing up a big test) did not go well. I got a C and Damm got a B. When our instructor finished with her scolding of all the students (I don't tolerate that very well because we're both busting our butts to be at class and to do the homework) and went over what we got wrong I found out that I had not spent enough time on definitions and, /shamefaced, reviewing my notes. So this time that's not happening.

So last night I was going to continue with typing up my chemistry review. But I had 36 Emblems of Triumph and I didn't get the chance on Sunday to log in and see what I could get for them ... so I logged in and Damm was on and I got new shoulders and then Damm and Moon started doing heroics ... there you are. We went through two new ones for me, I finally cracked 3K dps, and I think I got some nice auction items. Didn't pay attention to that frankly. Had lots of fun.

But ... I was supposed to be schooling not gaming. I'm alarmed at this point by any slip-up of mine in discipline because I'm tired, stressed, and apt to blow things out of proportion. I did everything I was supposed to do by tomorrow, nothing will be turned in late, and I did spend

The above was unearthed by me when I was editing a previous post of mine. These comments are all Wulfa and I figured I'd just shove them out into the web as they are. She has been better about studying and we are both doing little but studying today.

I've caught up on my physics homework and feel like I'm grasping the concepts way better than I did last semester(Spring 2009). Chemistry was very disappointing because I thought I had a natural grasp of it better than I did. By natural grasp I mean the grasp you have before studying. For an example: if I have a natural grasp of algebra of an A I can just go to class and not study and get an A. In Chemistry's case I thought my natural grasp was an A but it was a 87.5. So now I am studying.

Of my four classes here is my percieved natural grasp levels on a grading scale of 1-100:
Chemistry: 87.5(previously 95ish)
Physics: 70
Engineering Problem Solving: 110(so long as I pay attention to what I'm doing)
Calculus: 94

Obviously these are very very subjective feeling based numbers. But they affect how much I study and how much I pay attention in class.

In WoW the same thing happens. You'll see an endgame raider walk into heroics with a "its just a heroic" attitude and sometimes he's right and his natural grasp of his class/environments is a no wipe speed run where he can pull agro as DPS or similar things with no problem. And other times he finds out that nope... nope... he should pay more attention.

Tada instant analogy for today! Yay aren't you proud of me? Go have fun doing your things.

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