Saturday, February 13, 2010

Alts alts alts

This picture makes me want to play a warrior so so so so so so so so so badly.
The only problem is my warrior is level 35ish? and I'd have to get to 60.

HAH. Well maybe.... maybe if I close my eyes and just level it won't be that bad... surely?

I tried finding DPS DK builds, and every site that I would normally trust(wowwiki, elitist jerks) has broken links to talent points... by broken I mean talent trees that have impossible combinations, missing pre-requisites and retarded choices. The sites that don't have broken links have builds that ... just look wrong. But I'm not a DK I don't know. Anyways I'm curious about DK builds and would love someone linking me a good DK blog or resource.

My druid does a nice average of about 1400-1700 dps depending on fight. With occasional superbursts into the 3k dps range when bezerk is off cooldown. Yes I spelled it wrong intentionally. Bears do that.

The thing about my dps is that it is in bear form. So I do -more- dps in bear than I do in cat. I am fail at cat.

And.... that is about it. I don't have much of anything else to say, except I'll be farming or playing an alt tonight as I have kid duty.

Rossi would tell me to play my warrior. I know he would.


Nuff said...

There are no good DK resources unfortunately. There are a few blogs out there that are just 'bad' not horrible but that's about it. For example is one of the least bad ones.

You should be more specific, however, with what DK info you want. My main's a raiding DK for example with both dps and tank specs so I have a pretty thorough knowledge of the class.

Do you want leveling specs, dps specs for 80, tank specs, etc?

Dammerung said...

DK dps specs for frost 2hander. Leveling and at 80.

None of this dual wield nonsense :p

Nuff said...

Well there you have kind of a problem...Frost dps doesn't use 2h it is just not viable. If you don't believe me take this blue post as evidence:
"It’s not very likely you’ll see a viable two-hand Frost raiding build any time soon. ...The Frost tree is currently meant to be a dual-wield tree much in the same way the Fury tree is a dual-wield tree for warriors."

For dps specs you can use, in this order of viability:

at 80
1. Unholy 2h, strongest by far
2. Blood 2h, clearly weaker with good end game raid gear it gets close to unholy. It also provides a 10% ap buff (same as enh shamans buff).
3. Frost DW, lowest dps, highest agro, hardest to gear earthly clue why anyone does this.
4. Nothing else

Leveling, to be honest it doesn't matter much but you definitely want to get vendetta in blood...after that keep going blood or go unholy with the rest. Personally I am of the opinion that you just level blood, the points to get vendetta are so strong that its worth doing those first. And honestly after you have 18 in blood you're just better getting the rest of the blood tree than splitting off to unholy.

For example I would go with this at 60:

Now that spec has several missing points (death rune mastery) and some wasted points as well. However, those are simply not needed for leveling. While leveling mobs die before you can even use the death runes so it turns into semi wasted points.

Dammerung said...