Friday, September 4, 2009


Damm will be here tonight. He's gonna spend the day waiting in the airport in hopes he can get an earlier flight than his scheduled one. I also think he's just glad to be off-base. As I've probably said before (I've noticed that I repeat myself a lot these days) he's here all weekend and then leaves early Monday morning. And then we begin the 8-week countdown to November.

That was the Whee part.

I have to say, I am full of nothing but admiration and awe for those parents who have to go it solo. I've only got 2 months to go through before my other half is here to hold Miniorc, distract Orclette, and make my coffee in the morning. To never have that expectation of help has to be so hard. But you do what you have to do. Like this morning. We slept well: heck, I think I got a full 8 hours. But I was still very blah this morning. And then the Orclette told me she had a poopy diaper. And Miniorc's diaper was feeling very wet. And I hadn't finished my first cup of coffee nor had I eaten anything. But I dragged my weary self off the couch and changed all the diapers that needed changing.

That's not the hardest thing in the world, but it sure seemed like a lot of work before my coffee was finished :D

I read a post today (by a professional writer who during her first pregnancy started a blog about it and which I thoroughly enjoyed so I still read her stuff) about pre-school. The Orclette will be homeschooled so she won't be enrolled in preschool but the thought of 3 hours 3x/week that she would be fully occupied elsewhere is an attractive one. And so I've been busy this morning thinking about various activities that could provide a similar experience. Gymnastics, playdates, etc. I figure I'll start the soccer mom lifestyle when she turns 3. So next fall. That'll be fun (I'm serious not sarcastic).

The joys of motherhood: I've got an Orclette hanging on me begging for attention. Til later.


Kayeri said...

We started our daughter in a preschool/daycare for half days, 3 days a week when she was 3. We wanted her to start getting used to be around other kids, sadly something we didnt have a lot of within our family/social circle or in the neighborhood.

And it was rough going the first two weeks or so. But then she got used to it and then liked it and wanted to go. So it was a positive experience for her. :)

Kayeri said...

Oh, and btw....