Monday, August 31, 2009

Holiday is over

My mom flew back to Houston today. Damm is coming this weekend but he flies back on Monday. After that I have 8 more weeks of single parenthood to wade through. Just 8 weeks. I start working out again tomorrow morning, I've got activities lined up with friends, and any evening I find ourselves at loose ends I have a standing invitation to go over to the in-laws house. My cable is working (it and my internet was out the entire weekend, no clue why), Miniorc is being just as pleasant as could be, and the Orclette is as much fun as ever to be around.

But the first day or two after leaving is always hard. And I have another leave-taking to go through next week. I'm trying not to think about that, concentrate only on the fact that Damm will be here. When he deploys for the first time I've already decided I'm going to my parent's. His parents have been all that is kind and have been enormously helpful but it's not the same.

Sigh. My posts will steadily become more upbeat as more time passes. I'm just a bit blue today.

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Kayeri said...

and You are going to be all right. :) Yes, it'll be hard when he goes back, but at least he gets to come home and spend a little time with all three of you. ;)

Try to hang on to the positive!