Thursday, September 3, 2009

Small things

Yay for small things. Miniorc, for the past two nights anyway, has slept a solid 6 hours straight. And there's a huge difference between getting 6 uninterrupted hours and 6 hours made up of 2-hour blocks. I also managed to fall asleep during naptime yesterday. Small victories, but they make all the difference.

Another minor happening: I went runnin! Only 4 minutes, and after those 4 minutes were over I concluded that I really need to wait another week or two before attempting to run again, but I am back. Woot! The mother-in-law has been kind enough to watch the little ones for an 1 1/2 each morning so I can go to the gym. I'm going to buy her sugar-free chocolate and a nice card because I feel like a real person again thanks to those outings.

I don't know how much I weigh this morning but a week ago I checked the scale and I had dropped about 25 pds. I gained a total of 40 and so I figure I have 10 pds to go. I didn't lose the last 5 pds with the Orclette until she was fully weaned so I anticipate the same thing happening this time.

The Orclette ... when I can hold her she doesn't want me to hold her. When I am occupied with Miniorc she cannot get enough of me. Sigh.

Damm is coming home for the weekend tomorrow. Happy happy joy joy.

And I am drinking fully caffeinated coffee again. I loves it.

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joe said...

So caffeine isn't passed on through milk?