Saturday, September 19, 2009

Return of the Brain

For many months now all I've been able to think about is babies. Mine, not other ones. I tried really hard to talk about other topics with friends because I KNOW how boring it can be to stay on the same subject matter for multiple conversations but I experienced epic failure. Fortunately my friends (who are childless, btw) were very understanding and are still my friends.

Last time I went to the library I checked out a book about Ivan IV (the Terrible) of Russia. Damm has been reading about the Balkans and wanted me to read up on their history. I had been reading a trilogy of historical fiction about Russia and opted instead to read up on that grand country.

The book I chose has a lot of words I'm not familiar with. I can accurately guess what they mean via context and root words but being me I like to know the exact meaning. So I have to have a dictionary by me when reading this book. And even though the authoress gives political and historical background to the life story of Ivan IV there is more background research I'd like to do so I have to write all those thoughts down so I must have paper and pen beside me as well ...

I think I'd thrive with a book-crammed study and a pipe-the not-quite-there professor type, lost in the world of books and history. Thank goodness for my kids-I don't really want to end up like that :D

Can't tell you much about Ivan yet because I really don't have that much time for serious reading. I think I will have to buy the book (I really enjoy the author's style) because at my current rate it'll take me a year to finish.

At the same time my interest in learning was revived and I FINALLY could move on to other topics other than kids I started caring about how my apartment looked. There are drawbacks to one's brain returning ...

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