Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well we went to and survived through our first MOPS meeting.

The Orclette cried when I left her in the childcare area but settled down eventually, although the childcare worker who I left her with said that the Orclette wouldn't let her out of sight.

The Miniorc was great and slept through the entire thing.

I met the moms at my table, explained why I was in Las Cruces at least twice, and commented that it wasn't very green here a few times. I -felt- like the youngest person there. I'm sure I wasn't, although I might've been the youngest with two kids there. But many women are waiting to have kids and this group is no exception so mebbe I was (not that they were old, just in their 30's rather than mid-20's). We had food, we listened to announcements, we watched a video (the speaker cancelled) starring a very lively and entertaining speaker (her topic was motherhood of course) and then we did a craft.

That's awesome. We're a bunch of moms who have crafttime.

The craft itself was something I want to know how to do myself: we made ceramic cup-holder thingies. Decorated them, actually. They're quite pretty. And I only have the one ...

And we have fundraising duties. I am TERRIBLE at fundraising. Fortunately it's sell what you can and don't worry if you have no persuasive abilities.

So it was kind of fun. The more we go the more fun we'll have, as we make friends and start to recognize people. I'm glad I signed up.


Voicless said...

What exactly does MOPS stand for? Is it a military based volunteer effort?

Beowulfa said...

It's Mothers of Preschoolers:D Many apologies-I of all people should think to explain.