Friday, June 5, 2009

Workout Weirdness

Apparently I've gotten HUGE in the past two weeks. Little one needed to grow, I guess. Anyway, this has wreaked havoc with my breathing abilities. So at the gym I still use the elliptical and the treadmill but at a snail's pace, since I'm trying to keep my heartrate around 140. And it's been incredibly frustrating-any sort of movement seems to zoom my heartrate well above 140. Except for yesterday.

Got on the elliptical, chose my cross-country program, and started. Checked heartrate about a minute in. 115. Cool-I can peddle faster. 5 minutes in, the grade is getting higher, figured I'd better check heartrate again-130. Awesomeness! I spent the rest of the workout going really fast and having a blast. Heartrate never went above 139. And it felt so much easier. I guess child #2 shifted away from my lungs. Treadmill was also great (I do 15 minutes on two different machines so I don't get bored). Lower body weights-didn't increase resistance any but had little difficulty completing my routine. And then I got home.

Forget being sore the next day. I was sore the next hour. And wiped out, too. But it was an elated exhaustion, because I had finally completed a workout that made me sweat ever so slightly. I'm going again today. I have a feeling I won't be having as much fun on the elliptical-it just won't be possible :D Maybe the dudes with the chicken legs will be there again today and I can secretly laugh at them. You know, the guys who are all beefy up top and then have legs that look like they've never been introduced to the squat machine? And I'm not talking about people that have naturally slimmer lower bodies. I'm talking about the HUGE HULKING dudes that look great from the waist up. And then you look down. And it looks like a different person.

Speaking of huge and hulking, I need to nail down my post-baby workout routine. And my post-baby eating plan. Since I'll have nothing else to do other than watch two little kids (all you mothers out there are laughing at me-yes, I know how hard that really is :) I figure it'll be the best time to get in the best shape I've been since the age of 16. I was in great shape back then. Ahh, memories. 6-minute miles, winning my age group in the half-marathon, being able to play 4-5 soccer games in a weekend without getting tired. Yeppers, those were the days. Of course, I weighed 110 pds dripping wet and I have a feeling I will never be that slim again. I'm shooting for 120-very reasonable on my 5' almost 2 " frame. Those weight guidelines? the ones that say 100 pounds for 5 feet and then 5 pounds thereafter for every inch (this is for females, I don't know what they say for males)? They lie. I had to constantly work at keeping myself at 110-my body really liked being at 118-120. And I looked healthier at the higher weight.

Anyway. Wulfa out.

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