Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My fingers have betrayed me

I have absolutely nothing to write about. But my fingers did all the necessary clicking and brought me to this page. Apparently they think I have something to say. Or they're just trying to prove to other body parts that they're the best and the brightest-"ha! look what we made her do!"

Wow. I need more adults to talk to.

Umm. Let's see. What haven't I mentioned already. Oh-my love of datebooks and calendars. I currently have 4 calendars in operation: 2 "normal" calendars, one dry erase one, and a desk calendar. Not to mention my organizer that's humongous and could be its own calendar. And in my purse I have an undated and thus can be used forever organizer. It's pocket sized. I think that's it-I've got a calendar for every part of the house. I'm able to look up and at a glance know what the month looks like. I'm getting to be the same way with clocks: in our living room there's a clock on the wall. A really nice one. But it's on the same wall as our couch, so I have to twist my head to see it. So I'm planning on buying a small, little bitty one to go over our porch door (this faces the couch, well, sort of) so I can easily see what time it is. Every other possible sitting place already has easy viewing to a clock. I think the clock thing goes hand-in-hand with the calendar/organization thing. All different ways of tracking time.

What else? The Orclette's birthday party theme has been changed from Peter Rabbit to Winnie the Pooh. I couldn't find any party store that carried Peter Rabbit, but almost all of them had Pooh. So the stuff is ordered-minimal amounts, I didn't go overboard-and I'm getting excited about her party. July 5th is the birthdate, by the way. I really have no talent for making parties fun but that's what my mother-in-law is for: she's one of those people that have that knack of making people feel comfy, have fun, talk to people they don't know, etc. In the future we'll have destination parties that have the fun part built into them: i.e. a park, a theme park, pizza place, etc. That way I can throw my daughter a smashing birthday party without highlighting my lack of party skills. Hehe. I know how to use a card-watch out birthday world!

Did I mention I need more adults to talk to? I'm getting kind of silly.

Fortunately I've got several people now that I am promised to have lunch with. I plan on enjoying this time of partying :D. Mother-in-law is hoping to get a part-time job this fall and so I'm only asking for working out time, since that happens to be near and dear to the reason for my sanity. But if #2 is relatively quiet I can still go out-the Orclette is getting better and better behaved in public places. And I am perfectly justified in hoping for a quieter child-the Orclette screamed for at least the first 3 months of her life. And if #2 turns out to be a screamer, at least I already know coping mechanisms. (Lots and lots of t.v. with the captioning turned on so you'll know what the people are saying.)

We're almost done with the first season of Eureka. I wonder if the Orclette is ready for Lord of the Rings. She watched all 3 movies plus special features when she was younger but I doubt she'll remember since she was 3 months old at the time? Something like that. And we still have seasons 4-6 to rewatch of the Gilmore Girls-this is only the 2nd time through. I draw the line at a 3rd viewing without some sort of break. Stargate: Atlantis has graphic stuff in it. Same with the original Stargate. Monk I can only watch an episode or two before having to turn it off. And I can't think of any other series I'm interested in watching. Must do more searching.

Ok, my fingers have had their way and I have written a post. /wave

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Ely said...

hehe Wulfa, have you tried watching charmed? it's a good series.