Monday, June 15, 2009


I decided it was time for a Lord of the Rings movie extravaganza at my house. The plan:

#1. Watch all 3 special-extended movies
#2. Go back and watch all the Appendices
#3. Start reading the book again
#4. Find my copy of the Silmarillion and read that again
#5. If I'm still in the Tolkien mood buy more of his books and read them

Of course, I had forgotten how scary some of the orcs might seem to a 2-year old. So I watched her carefully to see if she was scared. Apparently not-she didn't even notice the orcs. She thought the horses were cool though. We're currently still watching The Two Towers. I got to page 2 of the book last night but then the Orclette got interested and starting trying to take the book away from me.

I've also Netflix'd all the Harry Potter movies. Got to get prepared. My brother Justin never read the series and is currently under pressure from myself and from his lady friend who is not his girlfriend (eye roll) to read them before the 6th one comes out July 15th. He and my brother Alden are coming with me to see it when we're in Houston. No-one around here that I know seems to appreciate the series much.

Pope Joan is being made into a movie. I didn't look at the description but if it's based on the book by the same name ... that'll be one to see. You ever wondered why they have to inspect the pope's goods? This be why. And The Historian is coming out at some point-they better not mess that up. It will be impossible to condense the book into the movie without leaving out stuff but as long as they maintain the integrity of the book I'm good. Not that they care about me. I just like to think that it matters :D

Today I'm calling my cable provider to see how much it would cost to get the next level of cable. I currently get 10 spanish channels and about 8 english ones. And none of them are really exciting. But when the Orclette was born I didn't go out much. Not because I couldn't but because she cried all the time. This time around it'll be more difficult getting two out the door and if she/he's a screamer, well, say goodbye to the outside world for a bit. So cable t.v. is something I think I'd get a lot of use out of. Hehe. When the Orclette is older and complains that I never let her watch t.v. I'll just point back to this time in her life when the t.v. was ALWAYS on. And then she'll say that's not fair because she can't remember and why am I so uncool and so unfair? And I'll say that watching t.v. all day is bad for you and your brain would like it much better if you read something. Preferably a classic. And then, if the complaining doesn't stop, I'll pull out the ultimate card: "Because I said so!" Hehe. I can't wait :D

I've run out of books and movies and things to say about them. What is needed is a trip to the library because it's free and a trip to B&N because they have frappaccinos. Woot!

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Shrinn said...

HAH! that is SO funny, John decided he wanted me to start reading the Narnia books to him again last night, We're reading the Magician's Nephew. Which is of course by C.S. Lewis.
Now Grai/Fal & I go 'round & 'round about this in our home often b/c I was raised on Naria.

I never had much interest in Tolkien as a kid...*shrug* only reason I gave the movies a look is 'cuz I adore Liv Tyler! lol

Hey, plz do not get me wrong, all you readers & Miss WulfNess herself, I have NOTHING against Tolkien or his books, in fact, now that I am older, I have given a couple of them a once over, & I love his style, but I'm a Narnia kid. lol!

/lurve ya Ness! keep up ur nessie-Ness!