Friday, June 19, 2009

Choices. Hard ones.

Yesterday I was craving icecream. And then cake. And then icecream again. And you see, once a week I'm allowed to give in to those cravings. So it was conceivable that I'd be able to have either icecream or cake that day. But which one?

I posted my question on Facebook and my dear friends pointed out to me that there is such a thing as icecream cake. I confess I hadn't thought of that. Which is surprising given that I look forward to my birthday icecream cake every year ... Anyway, we went for icecream because Albertsons does not sell a smallish sized cake that the Orclette and I could devour in one night (BTW, she never gets that much-I'm the one really eating our treats) and still manage to move. But I think Walmart does, so next week we may spring for cake instead. Have I made you hungry? And you're possibly wondering why I didn't go for both? Or why I made this such a BIG decision?

To figure out the latter two questions you'd have to live through eating disorders and talk to a psychiatrist. I'm trying very hard to establish healthy eating habits so that the Orclette will never have to live with the mental scarring that can come from eating disorders (even if you overcome them). But that's not what my post was about.

My post was about icecream and cake, and you already know the ending. Hmm. What else?

Wulfa is so very close to 80, but I haven't logged onto her in the last two days because I didn't feel inclined to play her. Since I'm trying to keep my limited WoW time as fun as possible, I followed my inclinations and played other toons. I rolled a NE hunter on Anvilmar because two brothers-in-law play over there and I foresee Damm wanting to have a toon there. However, with two toons over lvl 70 and Damm having one at 70 I really don't want to play anywhere other than Kael'Thas much. And I like my guild.

I need something else to read. Everytime I try to open my LOTR copy the Orclette tries to take it away. I'm not sure if she does this because she doesn't like that particular book or if she now objects to me reading on principle. Must drag myself to the library. Which is not really a fun excursion: the Orclette loves going. Because she like to pull books off the shelves, point at the little girls and boys and squeal (she loves little kids) and generally be way too loud for a library. She does much better at B&N. I'm not sure why. It might be the train set. And the organic milk that I buy for her there (she's not allowed to drink milk at home other than in her cereal. To explain why would take a really long post. Just remember that cow's milk really ain't as good for you as they'd like you to believe. Although I surely like it-especially the whole milk kind. Yummy yummy).

My lower left wisdom tooth is coming in. I need to get all of them pulled, but I can't do that til #2 child is born. And the tooth hurts while it comes in. I totally sympathize with the Orclette when she gets the teething crankiness.

And that's the end of my interesting news. And thoughts. I hate ending posts-I'm never sure which is the best way. Oh well.

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Kayeri said...

Hiya! Sorry for the absence from commenting, things are fun and busy here lately, too. In the form of 2 nieces and nephew visiting from Florida.

Dailies are really scattered in LK, The Argent Stand in Zul'drak, Wyrmrest Temple, Coldarra, The Shadow Vault, and the little flight point near the Scarlet Onslaught island all have dailies, and then of course, the Argent Tourney dailies. There are also the Kalu'ak dailies (one at each of their 3 ports), the blimp bombing run and the Explorer's League in Howling Fjord, too.

And yes, I sympathize with your cravings... mine is usually for chocolate, although ice cream is right up on the list, too. if I have a cake craving, I get one of those single serve Warm Delights you can find at the store in the baking aisle. Its just enough for one, it cooks quickly in the microwave in its own bowl, and they are quite tasty. That way you dont have to have all the mess and make way more than you want or need. If you really want to indulge, drop a scoop of vanilla ice cream on one of them... that would be delish.. :) It's nice for me because I can have a treat without tempting my diabetic husband with leftovers.

One idea about the Orclette grabbing your book... when my daughter tried that, I knew she wanted attention (obviously) so I'd pick her up in my lap and read the book to her. Well, it didnt take her long to figure out Mommy's books arent very fun (no pictures, small print and big words), so she started going to pick out one of her books, and we'd read side-by-side, each with our own books.

I have read the warcraft novels and enjoyed their content quite a bit... some of the writing is a bit meh, but I look at it as enriching my game experience. I finished the new Arthas book a couple of weeks ago (overall a good read, but less emotionally compelling than I think that story should have been.) and I am in need of new reading material, too.