Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The City that Doesn't Like to Wake Up

I was scheduled to work this morning but apparently they had called me to say they didn't need me. They still have my old phone number on file which is currently in Damm's possession. I know I've updated it ... oh well. Less than 2 weeks and it won't matter. Anyway, I decided to go to the gym since the Orclette was at her grandma's house. At 7 a.m. in Houston and even Monett the gym would've been crowded, and starting at about 8 a.m. the older crowd would've started to come in. So I anticipated not being able to do my regular routine.

But this is Las Cruces-the city that hates to wake up. There were more people there than at 1 p.m. (which is when I usually go) but you could not call the place crowded by any stretch of the imagination. So I had no problems following my gentle and not-sweat-inducing workout. Today I had problems keeping my heartrate down-I was still able to carry on a conversation (the other standard by which you can judge whether or not you're working too hard while pregnant) but the heartrate monitor wasn't showing me numbers I liked. So I went slower and slower and concentrated on my breathing more than normal. Didn't seem to help all that much. I'm thinking it might be the caffeine I had when I woke up-I usually don't work out this early and sometimes the caffeine elevates my heartrate a bit. Which is why they recomment you don't drink caffeine. Hah I say. And hah again. Depriving those who really need the caffeine of their daily dose is just not fair.

I have also been working on my labor exercises at the bequest of my mother who will be acting as my birth coach. She gave birth to all 3 of us kids naturally via the Bradley Method and while she doesn't care if I go for the epidural (I loves epidurals) she did want me to read the book on how to give birth the Bradley way. And the book has lots of good advice. It's also slightly pornographic-lots of pictures of naked laboring women which I had absolutely no desire to see. Anyway, I've been practicing "tailor sitting" which is very close to the yoga posture used for sitting. Also squatting with both heels on the floor-that's still very hard for me to do at the moment. And pelvic rocking, which is also called "Cat Cow" or something like that in the yoga world. And I'm supposed to stay away from the cushy chairs because they encourage bad posture, varicose veins, and swelling. It is just no fun being pregnant.

55 days til my due date. Of course that's just an approximation, but I'm hoping #2 wants to come out by then. You realize that pregnancy is 10 months not 9 the way we calculate it? 40 weeks=10 months. I'm 8 months along if you wanted to know. With a little less than 2 months to go.

It's time to collect my Orclette from the grandmother. Adios.

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