Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yay for Late Nights

It actually was a late night. I fell asleep around 8 p.m. last night only to wake up at 11:50. The Orclette had a poopy diaper, which I changed, and then we both fell back asleep. I woke up again around 2:30, couldn't fall back asleep, and ended up finishing my current book of choice. Then another poopy diaper at 5:15 and another at 6 a.m. She isn't showing any signs of being sick so I'm going to blame teething. But today is going to be rough.

We're in the middle of painting my lovely low table that was painted hideous colors of yellow and red a dark spruce. Actually it isn't we, it's my mother-in-law Audrey. Pregnant people shouldn't be near fumes. So I get to sit in my lovely rocking chair and watch :D

We tried to watch "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" last night but I didn't get through 10 minutes. Boring boring boring. But then I've been finding a lot of movies boring that were Damm here I'd actually be interested in. Terminator: Salvation on Saturday. I'm sure I won't have any problems getting through that.

Yesterday I went to the gym in my overlarge men's t-shirt and comfy shorts. I can't do all the exercises I used to do but I still mingle with the muscled young dudes (and some old ones). I do harder routines on the cardio machines than some of the non-pregnant person. And I've written all this before-but yesterday this little thin thing came in. Barely there cami, and the little short shorts. She stayed maybe 15 minutes and of course drew all male eyes. She left at the same time I did and I got to see what was written on the back of the tiny short shorts. "Fucker." Hehe. She wasn't there to work out. And I guess she isn't concerned about people knowing her intentions. No one could possibly mistake my intentions. Not in my overlarge t-shirts.

Not really anything else exciting going on. Just our daily, somewhat monotonous but maintainable routine, broken up by lunches with my 2 friends (hey, that's more than I had in Missouri), movies with the bro-in-law & father-in-law, and exciting drives into El Paso with the mom-in-law (50 minutes away) to go to stores that don't exist in Las Cruces (like Michaels, Olive Garden, etc.).

I have been thinking about setting up all my Christmas decorations early. Not now, but possibly in October. I figured it might cheer me up and make that last month of separation easier. We'll see. I'm really curious as to how this second child's personality will turn out. Quiet and easily carried around? Or like the Orclette who screamed for the first 3 months of her life? Actually, she complained until she figured out crawling. Once she could locomote herself life became happy. Anyway, all my plans after the birth really depend on second child's personality. Except for working out. Bataan here I come!

I think more caffeine is needed. Maybe icecream too, since my mental defenses have been wiped away by lack-of-sleep. We'll see.


Kayeri said...

and since your new post appeared while I was commenting on the last one, I'll sympathize on the heavy restrictions on pregnant women... fumes and other things...

Some of the softer cheeses, too, I think I remember watching mournfully while my husband and my friend enjoyed a great appetizer... and the delicious vodka slushies that my mother hadn't made in years... and started making again the summer of my pregenancy...

::sigh:: at least those are past now.. :)

Stupid Mage said...

Kona Coffee Ice Cream. Done Deal.