Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day means, at least to me and my family, big humongo soccer tournaments. I know what it's actually about, of course, but all the soccer clubs would host their biggest and bestest tournament on that date because they could stretch it out over 3 days. This year, however, the Day is very different for me.

Damm is only gone for training, not deployed in any danger zones, but my imagination is excellent. I can't watch the videos they played at church, with the graveyards and the soldiers saluting their fallen comrades. I tear up at the patriotic songs. And until Damm is retired from the military I don't know that I will ever enjoy this day. Respect, yes, honor, yes, but it will be a hard day to get through.

Now on to happier things.

The past 2 days I've played a DK over on Trollbane while the Orclette took her nap. Trollbane because bro-in-law is over there and I didn't really feel like talking to anyone. And I know I'm really, really late to this discovery, but: DK is fun! And OP! I chose unholy because of the gross little zombie minion you get. I've got a lot of buttons to figure out, but it's been a blast. So I figure I might head back on over to Kael'thas and level up Woofwoof, my DK belonging to the Sidhe Devils. Of course, today might be the day Orclette decides she doesn't need a nap.

We watched Underworld 3 last night. Thank goodness the Orclette didn't pay attention to the movie-there was considerably more blood in this one than in the previous two. I liked it-I hope they have another one carrying on Selene's storyline though. I missed Kate Beckingsale. This Saturday father-in-law and bro-in-law will be watching Terminator: Salvation (sans child). Christian Bale. /sigh. So pretty.

This past weekend I bought almost all the furniture I needed to redecorate my apartment for a mere $103. It all needs to be painted-a table I bought is currently in hideous shades of red and yellow-but everything is in good condition. One of the bookcases survived a trip across the highway with only road marks on it-no damage to the actual bookcase whatsoever. So I'm happy. It is rather frustrating that I can't do any of the painting myself, however. 11 weeks til that changes. Mother-in-law has kindly offered to paint everything for me.

11 weeks. I already feel quite fat enough to be 9 months pregnant. Not just fat fat but expanding. Now, everyone I know says "But wulfa, you're pregnant. You're supposed to be getting bigger." And I know that. But to someone who has spent over half her life trying to be slim, trim, and toned, any expansion, no matter what the reason, is really hard to take. 20 pounds gained so far, which means I'm still within the arbitrary guidelines (who came up with them?) of a 25-35 pd. weight gain. The high end of that, but still. Better than with the Orclette. My lower back aches now, my arms fall asleep at night and get sore, heartburn is a frequent companion, and quite a few other things. The wonders of being pregnant :) And it's so not true that you forget all the hardships of pregnancy and labor. I remember quite vividly. But we must have some sort of brain malfunction that tricks us into doing the whole process again. Could I get someone to remove that, please?

Damm has finally recieved my letters. He's, in his own words, "floating on cloud 9." From what he writes it sounds as if he's adapting to the grueling schedule and making friends. No call yet, but he tells me that calling is a random privilege for now. 6 weeks 2 days til we see him at his graduation.

Well folks, my brain needs coffee. And the soul needs chocolate. Laters.

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Kayeri said...

Glad you are hanging in there and staying busy, Wulfa! And while I understand some of what you're feeling in this later stage of pregnancy, I'll remind you of the alternative to try and turn your thoughts to the positive side of all that big-ness. :) It means you have a baby growing bigger and stronger inside you.

I only made it to 33 weeks due to pre-eclampsia, I was hospitalized, put on some drugs that were only a slight improvement over the condition (but sure felt worse), and 2 mornings later, I had a c-section and a preemie in the NICU.

The Munchkin did great... she stayed only 3 weeks, we brought her home as soon as she could nurse. That was still 4 weeks before her due date... thank goodness we had finished her room early!

So, while I understand how awkward it feels, you need to celebrate every day of it!! ::grin::

and DK's are fun, but I havent played mine a lot. I did just get my 2nd toon to 80, a rogue... and she is SO much fun! I am currently working on getting her raid-equipped and managed 3.3k dps against Patchwerk in Naxx25... I am SO thrilled! :)