Saturday, May 30, 2009

Downright Boring.

You know, I thought my posts got boring when we started school. Grades, tests, random bits of interesting information, tedious recitation of our daily schedule. But then school ended, Damm went off to Basic, and life truly got boring. And so my posts are correspondingly boring. At least I feel like they are :D

June 10 & 11 we're going to Alberquerque to visit the zoo. The Orclette and I got our own hotel room so it's promising to be a pretty fun trip. I like staying in hotels-I associate it with the vacations and soccer tournaments my family frequently went on/to. I like going down to the continental breakfast that most hotels now offer and leisurly eating breakfast, drinking the usually non-drinkable coffee (but not drinking it is not an option. Coffee addict speaking :). I guess it's one of the few times I actually relax and shift into low gear. Go figure. Anyway, I have, on occasion, gotten a hotel room by myself simply to accomplish that relaxing. It's like going to a spa. Or taking a vacation.

Other interesting tidbits .... I Netflix'd "Eureka" because I don't think even I could handle going through all the Gilmore Girls' seasons a 3rd time without some sort of break. And since the Orclette actually watches the t.v. now and repeats things she hears ... I'm very limited in what I can put on. And I'm not watching children's shows. Sorry. They drive me nuts. We're just gonna bypass all of that. My aunt did the same thing-when her kids were allowed to turn on the t.v. it was the Animal Channel or the Discovery Channel or the History Channel. They're all pretty smart-the oldest one is going into public school (they're all homeschooled) so she can attend the Governor's School for the Arts. Or something like that. Now I just need to expand my cable so I get those channels, but Damm forgot to leave me his password to our account information.

And my Orclette woke up so I must go.

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