Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Truly Icky Weekend

The Orclette was better by Thursday. That night, however, she was running a slight fever and acting sick. She woke up the next morning with the same fever and absolutely no desire to move from my arms (this is abnormal-she's usually a little energizer bunny). Anyway, there was no way I could leave her like that so I skipped school and watched tv with her in my lap.

Damm was finished with school around 12 p.m. By that time the Orclette was feeling better (we think she's teething-it's just rough that she was also actually sick) but I had started feeling worse. Ended up spending the next 10 hours throwing up everything in my stomach and having one of the worst lower backaches ever. By Saturday I had stopped throwing up but was still sore. Eventually fell asleep, woke up, and felt slightly hungry. Sipped on ginger ale and nibbled at Saltines the rest of the day, but was too weak to get out of bed.

Sunday I felt loads better. At least I thought I did. We went to church, went to Cracker Barrel, and then I almost collapsed. Not because I was sick but because the whole episode weakened me beyond anything I've ever experienced before. So I've spent Sunday pretty much in bed as well.

I'm trying to get my brain back into school mode. I obviously haven't thought much about schoolwork but I have tests and quizzes coming up, projects due, etc. Damm managed to get his take-home physics test done but that was pretty much it. He spent the rest of the weekend taking care of me and the Orclette.

Oh-I also lost 5 pounds. I don't think I've ever experienced the sensation of my jeans threatening to fall off.

Anyway, we are all on the mend. Except that Bodert, as the Orclette affectionately calls her uncle, is beginning to feel sickly. I am almost tired enough to say better him than me.

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SneakyFox said...

Yuck, know the feeling though. Life around our house has been that way too with Kayley being very clingy and me and the wife sharing our diseases >.<