Friday, February 27, 2009

An attempt at a happy post

All of our news has been rather dour of late. The Orclette and I getting sick, right after that Damm, his mom, and Moon getting sick ... our apartment is TRASHED and so is our car because we simply have no time to clean it (nothing gross, by the way, just messy). But Damm's fever broke this morning so I think we're through the worst of it.

Happy news: all of our teachers were very understanding about our disastrous weekend and let us turn stuff in late/gave us extensions. We've both got tests coming up but I think we'll find plenty of time to study for them. Ummmm ....... I can eat real food again? I guess that's happy news. No more saltines for me. I'm out of the "boy she's getting fat stage" into the "oh I bet she's pregnant stage." All of my maternity clothes are still too big though. Damm and I have a formal dinner Saturday night that we get to totally doll up for. We watched The Illusionist last night and enjoyed it. I recieved a 100% on a paper that I thought was going to be horrible. So, happy stuff does happen.

And one of these days we'll go car shopping. Our white van is getting creaky and making ominous sounds and Damm wants to replace it before he ships off to basic. We're thinking a Hyandai (how do you spell that?) Elantra because new it costs around $10,000 and that's kind of what we were looking to spend (and I've never owned a new new car). Well, as long as we get a loan to buy it. Apparently being military helps, so we'll see.

And I think we have spring break coming up in a few weeks. That will be a wonderful time to catch up on everything we haven't had time fore. *Gasp* we might even play an online game. Although Damm's doing a make-up drill weekend for the Guard so he doesn't have to do the one right before he ships out in May ..... Anyway, the Orclette is asking for a hug and I must comply. Adios.

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Andy C. said...

I'm glad to hear things are on an upswing for y'all. Have fun this weekend!