Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bataan Death March

Damm's ROTC is manning the water stations along the route. The race happens to take place on my birthday, March 29. This doesn't upset me at all. Participating in a race is, like, a perfect birthday day :D Then Damm suggested I might like to try walking part of it. So I hopped on to see what kind of race lengths they have. There is the marathon, and then an honorary march of 15 miles.

I don't know. Were I not pregnant I wouldn't have hesitated. Had they had a 10k I would've done it. I'm concerned about a 15-mile walk though, especially as my training is only now beginning to build back up. So I'm thinking that maybe I could volunteer with Damm. Get the in-laws to watch the Orclette. Though maybe a slightly shorter shift as they have to stay until the last participants passes and that could be up to 8 hours depending on where he gets stationed ...... we'll see.

On the health front: I gained a pound! I think it's from eating incredibly salty foods yesterday, namely pizza and spaghetti, but still. Tums seem to help my stomach upsetness, making it very bearable. And I can still run. Last time with the Orclette I quit running really early on because it felt uncomfortable. Hasn't happened yet this time. Only about a mile right now and I can't see increasing the distance too much but I want to have a workout I can do right up until the day the kiddo makes its appearance in the world. And then my mother will be there and she won't let me do ANYTHING for 2 weeks other than sleep, try to eat, feed baby, repeat. This is a good thing. Left on my own I'd probably do something stupid :D

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