Friday, February 8, 2013

Creating life is hard.

And I'm not really creating it, just observing as my body does what it was created to do. We are out of the first trimester, into the second. I really, really need to go by the doc's office and get the drug testing done that they now require before my next appointment. I don't want any funny looks. And when did drug testing become a normal thing? And why do I have to go to a separate office? This is why you forego all doctor's appointments til you're eight months pregnant (like I did with Miniorc, although it wasn't by choice) and then they panic and only make you come to appointments. No blood testing, no wandering around the HUMONGOUS complex trying to find room numbers. Stupid heads.

So some pregnant bloggers I read do this picture posting thing every week of how big they're getting. I won't be doing that. It weirds me out when people merely observe that I'm "showing" now. I still feel like they're somehow calling me fat or that they have x-ray vision and they're peering into my insides. Not logical, but what do you expect? And I really hope you weren't expecting a cohesive, logical blog post because right now I'm incapable of making one. Words are hard too, especially if people expect you to put them into the right order. Fortunately I live and work with people who are good at guessing.

I have gained two pounds. I'm tracking this time because I've gained quite a lot in the past and I want to see if I can keep it down to what they deem "normal". Don't worry, I'm not being crazy and dieting or exercising fanatically. And I'm aware that I do have to gain some weight. Why do people always freak out when a pregnant person mentions she's trying not to gain too much? Especially if that person has already admitted that she gained 50-60 pounds both pregnancies? Obviously we are not dealing with someone who doesn't want to eat. But no, freak outs happen. "You're eating for TWO! You HAVE to GAIN WEIGHT! NO DIETING!"

I'm stuck with books that are like Terry Pratchett's and movies/shows that are like The Big Bang Theory. I am too empathetic when I'm not pregnant to deal with anything serious when I am. I did laugh when one blogger I read (SortaCrunchy, she's great) wrote about how emotional she was and how she had to turn off Dexter because it got too bad. And I think she's still watching Once Upon A Time. I can't touch those shows with a ten-foot pole, especially Dexter. I guess that means I'm super-empathetic. It's all those history classes. Too many things that they do in entertainment shows have been done in real life for me to find them amusing anymore. On the other hand, if you follow that link and read about how Les Mis was too much for her, I had no difficulty sitting through Les Mis, because the young men were completely idiotic AND Eponine should have gotten the stupid young man she fancied. I say idiotic and stupid because their plan to overthrow  the monarchy was laughable and their reading of the mood of the French people completely wrong. And Cosette had no personality whatsoever.

Anyway, that's enough rambling from me. If you didn't understand something don't worry, I get that a lot. Usually I can tell by the facial expression. It gets that slightly confused and desperate look that doesn't want to upset the pregnant lady by letting her know she said something unintelligible.

Have a great weekend!

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Stephi said...

And I can completely understand this. Especially about the tv shows thing.

Granted, I was still able to watch most of Supernatural over and over during my pregnancy, but that's mostly because Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins are smokin'...

Grats on number three!