Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Informed High Level Officials

 me:  "The Obama administration has crafted a legal argument for the targeted killing of a U.S. citizen if an "informed, high-level official" decides he is a ranking member of al-Qaeda who poses "an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States,""

 him:  Oooo, I like this
But I think it doesn't cover the middle ground

 me:  yeah what if I decide someone is a threat to my cookies?

 him:  If the "informed, high-level official" only believes them to be "an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States" I think he should have the right to throw a black bag over his head, put him in the back of a van, and move him to an undisclosed location for questioning
We wouldn't want to kill an innocent after all

 me:  hrm...
would he personally have the right or would it have to be done by another non-informed, lower-level person?
Because the more people you tell the less secure you are

 him:  Well of course he could delegate

 me:  (oh btw speaking of killing people and not telling them.... check out misfits.... warning mature audiences only)
can he delegate the decision?

 him:  As a highly informed person he could delegate the whole process to whoever he wanted

 me:  because if I'm an informed-high-level-cookie I don't want to spend my time making decisions about small fry

 him:  Exactly
Heck, if there seem to be a lot of these people he might even make a department out of it
Of course it would have to be off the books, wouldn't want spies finding out about it

 me:  also what defines high level?
shoelace length?
my shoelaces are really long and lots of people try and take my cookies and I've got a department of little kids to delegate to

him:  Duuuuuude

 me:  I'm sure they've thought of all these things already though.  It is probably on the post-it that fell off the document that they gave to the guys who leaked the info to the guys who would write about it

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