Friday, September 21, 2012

The Great Coffee Experiment ....

... has failed in an epic way. You might remember that I was going to give up caffeine? I didn't even last one day, since my first day was a Friday and that's the day I allow myself to have one diet soda. We like Coke Zero, which has caffeine. The next day we went to the Farmer's Market and it just isn't right to perambulate around the festive stalls without a coffee in hand. Besides, my dad offered after I begged him to pay. Then on Sunday Damm and I went on a date and we went to the local used bookstore and how can one go to a bookstore without getting coffee? It just isn't right. Seeing as how everything I like to do has some sort of coffee ritual tied into it I threw in the towel.

All is not lost, however. I noticed that I don't feel well after two cups. It was an enlightening moment, and I decided to follow the guideline set by my body and limit myself to two cups, or at least not to continue drinking coffee when I start feeling slightly sick (because I have been known to do that). I have been doing really well on the tea side of things, however. I've got some tea rituals going as well. I like to brew two bags of green tea with one tablespoon of raw honey, pour it over ice and take a big jug with me to work. At night I drink two cups of spearmint tea (it's supposed to calm down hormonal acne). I'll even drink different kinds of tea throughout the day when I want something warm but don't want the caffeine. I'm quite proud of me, even if I do feel like a traitor to my former coffee-swigging self.

Of course you'll want an update on my face, which is the reason I decided to try ditching the caffeine in the first place. I recently upped my dosage of Evening Primrose Oil to 3000 mg from 500 mg since several sites recommended that dosage for acne (it's the high end of the recommended dosage on the bottle). Now, remember I'm not a trained professional so don't take EPO based on my advice. Ask your doctor, do your research etc. I'm fuzzy on whether females need to only take it during certain time periods; it's used as a fertility booster and it seems that it you take it after ovulating it could screw with something. I'm not sure what, I didn't really read through that part since I'm not trying to make myself fertile. I also have made an EXTREME effort to NOT TOUCH MY FACE. It's hard, really hard. I really dislike leaving the house looking like a hormonal teenager. I've noticed, though, that what experts say is true: if you don't touch your face the chance for spreading the acne love is greatly reduced. I have also, in addition to the not-touching and EPO, been leaving spot treatments of Aztec Healing Clay on overnight. I was concerned it would dry out my skin but so far so good and it really does work. I'm very pleased.

So, things are looking good. Hopefully soon I'll feel comfortable enough to start gravitating back towards a more natural skin care routine (I'm not really happy to be using Cetaphil but it's doing the job) and hopefully I can reduce the amount of vitamins I'm taking because my system won't be out of alignment. It probably would have been faster to go to a doctor and have tests done but I'm leery of doctors. I have yet to find one who doesn't want to put me on meds, and while I'm perfectly fine with taking meds if I really do need to I didn't feel this was a case of need to.

So, happy Friday everyone! And I can truly mean that since I can look forward to my two cups of coffee in the morning.

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