Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Workout Overload

It's been an interesting week (and it's only Wednesday ...). Sunday we went for a 4-mile hike up in the mountains. It was hard, my legs were shaking and I loved every minute. Monday, however, stuff started hurting. I had done some lifting Saturday but didn't finish so Sunday morning, not really thinking about our upcoming hike, I finished the workout I meant to do. After the hike everything was fine, maybe a little sore, but definitely manageable.

Then the fatigue set in. I'm not used to fatigue; since switching to low-carb/primal/gluten-free I've felt awesome. Tired at the end of the day but my job is physically taxing. I expect it. But Monday, wow, I felt like I was falling asleep standing up. Damm took mercy on me and told me to go to bed early, he had the kids. I got a full eight hours of sleep and felt fine Tuesday. I debated working out that night but ultimately decided against it. My muscles were still a bit achy and my left elbow hurt a bit. To make matters worse I've felt a bit depressed this week and I had a bad reaction to cucumbers so I also was in a bit of pain.

So ... maybe I've been pushing too hard? I don't feel like I have. I workout maybe four days a week in addition to my job, which is eight hours of constant movement with a fair bit of moving heavy things around. This is tame compared to previous eras in my life. Maybe I'm getting older (almost at that thirty mark:), except that reason won't fly in my family. My mom can keep up with and even surpass me in our athletic endeavors.

So I'm thinking of taking it easy this week. I don't want to; I'm still excited about finally being able to do pullups and I want to increase the number I can do. I want to work on my pushups. I want to try new leg exercises since I'm limited in the amount of weight I can lift (don't own a barbell at the moment). Years of injuring myself have made me a bit wiser, though, so I will be hitting the yoga mat instead of pullups and my foam roller instead of pushups. Bah humbug.

Have a happy Wednesday. And go lift some weights.


Charleen said...

Probably a good idea to take it easy. Better safe than sorry.

Beowulfa said...

You are absolutely correct. I'm trying to remember that; the impulse to think the day is a failure if I don't do something is still there, although I've squished the voice down to a tiny high squeak instead of a roar:)