Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paleo update. Bring on the bacon!

So I have completed three whole days of eating primally or, as I like to think of it, Noahifically. I wasn't sure I'd have a transition period given that I already was eating low-carb, high-fat and protein, but guess what? I'm in one. Basically I feel icky until 11 a.m. and then BAM I have energy through the roof. And that's it. Other people have headaches, constipation issues etc. but I seem to have avoided that. And now that I've shared the negative let's get on to the positive stuff:

#1 My face looks better. Not sure if this has anything to do with cutting out refined sugar but hey, I'll take it.

#2 Energy, at least after 11 a.m. I even managed to return our Redbox movie on time (Clash of the Titans; don't rent it, it was worse than I thought it would be) and try on clothes after a full day of work. Go me.

#3 I feel lean. Haven't had many issues with feeling like I'm bloated and, when I have, I haven't actually been bloated. My jeans are still loose.

#4 I love bacon. And I can eat it now.

#5 My muscles seem to be more defined. I don't think I've lost weight-it's only been three days and I'm eating the same number of calories I was before this experiment. As with the better face, though, I'll take it.

I've run out of positives. Maybe I'll have more when I fully transition into the ketosis-thingy (as you can see, I'm fully cognizant of the scientific data supporting this lifestyle). I do have some concerns, though (not negatives, since my concerns revolve around myself), and they all have to do with legalism and how it might affect my relationship to food. You see, I turned down a bag of potato chips today. No real worries there, I wanted to see what a week of being fairly strict would be like, but what if I don't tone down that legalistic mind-set? That's how I went off the deep end last time and managed to look like a walking skeleton (not kidding you there. Because I shaved my head as well my mom got asked if I was a chemo patient). It doesn't help that several websites I've read promote being strictly Paleo and treat any slip-ups as failures (that can be learned from, but still, failures).

I don't want to be like that. I was before and it robbed my life of so much. I want to be able to eat a bag of potato chips and not feel guilty (although I might feel icky because I'm not used to it). To that end, thank goodness for the websites that promote a 80/20% approach to paleo: 80% paleo and 20% whatever you want to eat. That's where I'll be. I've already scheduled a pizza night with my parents. It's going to be epic after a week of not eating bread. I might even have ice cream.

Oh, and because it was so yummy I wanted to share what I ate today:

Breakfast: 3 eggs cooked in 1/2 Tbs. grassfed butter with 1 oz. cultured cheese and 2 slices thick bacon. Coffee with full-fat cream. 70% chocolate (which I might try cutting out as I think it might be a trigger for some of my facial issues).

Lunch: 6 oz. potato with 4.5 oz lean pork loin and 0.25 C. avocado drizzled with the leftover bacon grease. Cucumbers, celery and cherries rounded out that meal. Oh and I had one of Starbuck's new Refresher drinks (50 calories for 16 oz).

Snack: slightly salted almonds

Dinner: same as breakfast minus the coffee and cream.

Snack: grapes

I think I could've skipped dinner. I wasn't actually hungry but my brain was telling me "look at the time! You MUST EAT NOW". I don't think I'm quite prepared to do intermittent fasting (google the term, it'll bring up lots of fascinating information).

Happy Thursday!


Charleen said...

I have never been tempted to try a restrictive diet, even going at it with an 80/20 approach (although I do believe if you ARE going to go with a restrictive diet, that's the reasonable way to go about it). Although, I've definitely leaned more towards eating "real food" as much as possible and cutting out the processed stuff, without getting all organic and crunchy about it. I eat whole grain now instead of white bread products. (For pasta I compromise with Barilla Plus... not quite whole grain, but more nutritious than the regular stuff and tastes just like it.) Fresh fruits. Veggies are mostly canned or frozen, though occasionally we do fresh asparagus. Natural peanut butter. I still do low- or non-fat for my milk and (Greek) yogurt, though I don't disagree with the arguments for going full-fat. Various meats, mostly coming from behind the butcher's counter, but I have turkey dogs and premade turkey burgers when we grill out. And then obviously we still do frozen pizza and the like on occasion. But it's a far cry from the days when every dinner I made came out of a box.

Beowulfa said...

I figure that any effort towards making one's diet healthier is an awesome step and your diet sounds pretty good to me (pizza ... yum:). It's where I was a couple months ago; now I'm at a point that I can experiment and tweak stuff and see what happens:)