Monday, July 9, 2012

Doing the Paleo thing.

I find it hilarious that I fell in love with the Paleo diet (the link is to a website that is a comprehensive guide to eating Paleo and explains what it is far better than I could) given that I'm a creationist, not an evolutionist. I figure that rather than imitating the primitive caveman I'm imitating Noah. Apparently some Christians are concerned about Paleo being unbiblical, though; if that is you, read this article. Personally I find the Paleo diet to be harmonious with how Noah probably ate (that being when animal meat became fair game) with maybe a few tweaks, starting with honey. One blog writer (don't remember which one, I have perused quite a few) said that honey wasn't eaten by our ancestors because it would've been too dangerous to gather the honey. I must admit I laughed quite a bit over that one; wouldn't it be more dangerous to hunt the meat that they were supposed to have eaten? And what about smoking the bees out? Or waiting until winter? Anyway, I have no problems including honey because John the Baptist ate it and if it was healthy enough for him it's good enough for me, although I probably won't be trying locusts anytime soon. /Shiver.

So, on to the food! And the results! 

I had already been lowering my carb intake. For the past few weeks it's been between 125-150 grams rather than my previous average of 175-200 grams. I've had no problems thus far; in fact, when I deviate from my Paleo meals and include carbs I feel horrible. Icky. Sluggish. I experienced that again today when we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Chips and salsa, beans and rice and burritos slathered in a green chile sauce. Absolutely delicious but also completely soporific. It felt like Thanksgiving and I might have a food hangover tomorrow. Does anyone else get those? I've only begun to notice them in the past couple of years as our diet has become healthier and I've been eating more mindfully. It's a fascinating phenomenon.

So here's how I've been eating lately. It's not completely Paleo but I'm getting there:

Breakfast: 3-4 eggs with 1 oz. cultured cheese (the real stuff) cooked in 1/2 Tbs. grassfed butter (this is amazing). I use real cream in my coffee and have been trying to cut back on the amount of Stevia I use. We also usually have dark chocolate (70% or more). Every time I eat this meal I feel incredibly pampered (because of the butter and chocolate) and full. No need to eat anything else until lunchtime.

Lunch: some type of lean protein, carrots/celery/etc. and fruit. This meal is where I still tend to include wheat products, although I plan on skipping it this upcoming week.

Snack: it depends on where I am. At work I might buy a KIND bar or if at home more vegetables/fruit/possibly cheese. This week I'll be avoiding the KIND bars and sticking to cheese or nuts.

Dinner: same as lunch. I'm not much of a cook so my meals tend to be similar:)

I will note that the past couple of weeks have not looked like this (even though I mostly stayed within 125-150 grams of carbs). We've had people coming and going and different people doing the cooking. I'm grateful for every meal cooked (and they all tasted wonderful) but it was definitely carb-heavy and I've been feeling the effects. I don't feel like a lean, mean fighting machine. I feel more like a doughnut. Not a great feeling. I'm really excited about this upcoming week; it'll be the first time I've tried to completely stick with Paleo-meals. I'll report my results of course. And then I'll report Damm's results when I get the opportunity to experiment on him (he's easy to experiment on; he'll eat whatever I put in front of him).

So has anyone tried eating Paleo? Any thoughts?

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