Thursday, March 17, 2011


So in one of my classes, which is entitled Teaching History, all of the students were put into groups and taxed with coming up with one week of lesson plans, one part of which would be assigned to the class as a whole. Oh, and this is an online class. I can email but I don't have recourse to other types of communication.

My dear classmates have come up with what originally sounded like an interesting project: interview five people who were 15 or older in 1970. Sounds fun, right? And we only have to ask five questions. Problem is this assignment was only clarified this morning (so far, only one group has managed to be clear in their instructions; all others I've had to ask for clarification) and it's due Monday. And just to be clear that I'm not dragging my feet on this, I'll let you know that the project was assigned late Tuesday/early Wednesday. I am not dragging my feet.

So I ask my dad if I can interview him (of course) and if he knows anyone of the correct age. Yes, he says, when is it due? I answer Sunday, and there is a long pause in texting. He then lets me know that that is nowhere enough time, and that in the real world people require more time to respond. I agree with him. I'm not interviewing students, I'm interviewing people who most likely have complex jobs and lots of responsibilities (my dad and his colleagues all work for NASA). I don't think this was taken into account.

So my question for you is: where you born in 1955 or previously? If so, can I ask you five questions? Everything can be done via email, and I will have the questions ready by tonight. As you will already know, it's due Monday, so I would love to have everything by Sunday. If that's too fast, no worries. I think our contact info is somewhere in our blogger profile; if not, just leave a comment and I'll give you my email address.

Thank you all for your time.

Harassed Student.

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Dawn said...

Becca I bet I can get you some people. Email me.