Monday, February 21, 2011

Update on Orc happenings

Update time! Ok, here goes: it's still February, I think. We're in the midst of midterms. Goodbye the end.

Not really. The real update:

We're trudging along, keeping up with schoolwork, occasionally having a social life. I got a cold last Thursday in five minutes flat. I'm not kidding. I was driving to get Damm and went from feeling perfectly fine to having a drain for a head and pain. Massive amounts of pain (if you get that reference we can be friends). I'm over the worst of it, but had to take DayQuil this morning. I'm also freaking out about the work I absolutely had to do over the weekend: it was all done in a DayQuil-induced fog.

The Orclette and Miniorc are learning to play together. The Orclette is learning how to share, and the Miniorc is learning how to take advantage of her new skill to hoard up on toys. They are full-steam ahead from morn' til night, but of course that be the way of kids.

Damm? I don't really know. If you see him can you ask him how he's doing? Currently we converse in clipped, rapid-fire conversations on the way to and from school. When we are at home we're doing homework, and any attempt on his part to converse is usually shot down by me because all my assignments revolve around thoughts and writing them down and he always stops by just when I had my breakthrough thought. And when I try to converse with him I am similarly interrupting a math-induced brain vacuum. It's fun.

So there you have it: "Finish school before you have kids: a Cautionary Tale"***.

***We love our kids and would do it again (well, Damm would. I have to think hard about it and be staring at their faces to agree:). Anyway, that's not a dig against kids. Just clarifying.

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