Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cotton Candy

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" (Despicable Me). That was possibly the cutest line ever. And it always makes me think of cotton candy.

So .... we're a military family. I know we've mentioned that before, but it does no harm to mention it again, especially since it pertains to my story. It's an Orclette story, though I won't get to her until the very end.

Damm's family was also military. My grandfather and grandmother on my mother's side were military, and on my dad's side my grandfather was involved in the Flemish black market during WWII. Not exactly military service, but he was a warrior in his own way. My parents, however, were not military, so I grew up not really thinking about our armed forces. When I did it was vague, "wow they are like mythical heroes!" type thoughts, because I grew up watching John Wayne totally change the course of history, and the persona he created is, in my opinion, somewhat mythical. When I got older this morphed into "wow, aren't they yummy-looking" thoughts, although this stopped when I met Damm. I do not think yummy thoughts about other men any more, except for Sean Connory. I'm sort of kidding. About Sean Connory, not about the other thing.

But the Orclette is having a very different upbringing. Her dad (who is Damm. That sentence feels awkward, so I felt the need to clarify, but oddly enough not to revise the original sentence) is military, and because she's well acquainted with the flesh and blood people behind the uniform she will never have those mythical thoughts her mother (which is me) had, though her grandfather is doing his best to get her to believe John Wayne is the best actor ever. She's also, incidentally, learning how to be an officer. You should see her order all of the cadets around. There is no hero-worship there. She speaks and she expects it to happen. I'm thinking this is why we have trouble at home with her obeying me.

It was made known to me recently, however, just how far that acquaintance and familiarity with the military has gone. My daughter, in her pink polka-dot dress, was using a computer program to paint. Her hair was slightly curvy, and she looked absolutely adorable. The cadets in the room got carried away with their conversation and ventured into territory they normally avoid when my innocent children are in the room. One of them loudly questioned another, saying "So are you three forming a threesome now?" If you are not familiar with the military, this sort of thing is tame. Lame, even. But of course, not appropriate for my children.

Cue my daughter, all pinkness and roses, turning around and bursting into laughter at the pronouncement.

I was horrified. Everyone else was lost in laughter.

Good news is that she doesn't understand what was funny, only that the cadets were being louder than usual. In fact, that's probably what she was laughing at. At least I'm hoping so.

So in a few years fully expect to see a picture of my daughter, dressed in camo, holding a pink bow and arrow. Or even the other way around. Her military upbringing will no doubt be obvious for everyone to see.

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