Saturday, September 25, 2010

Questions for you guys:

1) How do you become a more detail oriented person? Pay Attention To Detail has become the mantra of why I messed things up in the past 6 months.

2) What horde class/race combo should I play? DK seems un-inspiring as a class to come back to.

3) How many wins will the Texans get this season? We're finally looking like the playoffs might happen and I'm practically frothing at the mouth. Especially as my Texas A&M Aggies are looking pretty weak after their last game.

4) Who all reads this blog anymore? I'm pretty sure Wulfa has effectively become the main poster in my extended absence and our collective withdrawal from WoW.

5)Any thoughts on handling a pretty packed schedule and still being good parents to two amazing munchkins who deserve so much more than "Daddy is studying right now..."


scott said...

1 - Writing stuff down might help. I struggle with this too at times. Keep a notebook, journal, or planner handy and write in it.

2 - Undead mage, troll priest, or orc warrior. Knowing you, you will roll something else in a couple of weeks anyway... :P

3 - Dunno.

4 - You are still in my feed reader, so I still read you guys.

5 - Not sure, maybe have scheduled munchkin time?

Malcolm(GRai) said...

1. Write it down or it didn't/doesn't happen

2. Orc warrior

3. at least 3 :)

4. As long as you both write it I will read it.

5. Just be there for them. Maybe keep a few minutes of daddy's lap time between studying. Mine are teenagers and they still keep a chair next to my computer desk.

klaki said...

1 - Writing things down is a good idea, until you lose your journal. lol. I'm not the most detail oriented person either, but I play to my strengths. I'm a programmer who loves logic. I've created several programs to keep track/remind me of things.

2 - Depends on what you like to do? If you and Wulfa will be lvling together, I would choose someone that can heal. I think a Pally goes well with a hunter.... AoE grinding would be great. and when you all hit instances, you can tank or heal. both are fun

3 - I think they'll win at least 6 or 7.

4 - I do read. Not much into the workout stuff (sry just not my thing), but most everything else I find entertaining

5 - Every set of parents is different, however, one thing should be the same. Your children should come first no matter what. If you all believe that there is something is coming in the way between you and your kids, fix it. Your hobbys, vices, studys, etc. are fleeting, but your child's love and the love you show them lasts forever :) I don't have children myself, so take my advice with a grain of salt i guess lol