Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things little girls say.

Orclette: "Daddy can I ride on you?"
Damm: "Yes"
Wulfa: "I thought I was the only one who could 'ride' you?"
Orclette: "Mommy you can ride daddy tomorrow night."

Damm: "Go find some pants and put them on."
Orclette: "But I have these!"
Damm: "Those are panties; you need pants as well."

Training was fun. I had a lot of fun with the guys I was with. Very yay.

SCII's story mode is like a thousand thousand times better than I expected. Holy crap guys is all I have to say.

Potty training is not fun.


scott said...

I might buy Starcraft to play around with it, but I'm still sore at Blizzard over the RealID thing. Do you have to be online to play SC?

I bought an RTS warhammer game that was tied into MSN live, and took it back because i had to be logged into Steam to play.

joe said...

If you so much as breathe a word about the campaign I will end you. Painfully.

Dammerung said...

Jim Raynor is apparently trying to fight the dominion, he is some kind of rebel leader maybe? Oh and there are these aliens called zerg and protoss that keep popping up.

Dawn said...

THe Orclette is too cute.

Dammerung said...

Scott. You do not have to be online to play the campaign mode. Only to play multi-player.