Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Orclette

3 years ago today I was recovering from an arduous 24-hour labor. Your Uncle "Boddert" had just brought me a huge Dairy Queen Blizzard-m&m's & Reese's pieces combined-and it was the most divine thing I had ever tasted. You were a bit sleepy. After Pitocin, an epidural, and 24 hours of being contracted out who can blame you?

Fortunately we were not at a hospital that believed in keeping babies with their mothers at all times. They whisked you away for 2 hours and myself and your dad caught up on just a little bit of blessed sleep. Then they brought you back and the adventure began.

You have changed our lives, you have changed myself and your father. We have watched you cry through your first 4 months of life, take your first steps at 6 months, and completely skip over the baby stage straight to the toddler stage. You've always been determined, focused, incredibly intelligent, and full of empathy. I will never forget you comforting me at not-yet-2 years of age when your daddy left for Basic Training.

You are an excellent older sister. You have waited patiently for Miniorc to be big enough for you to play with and you wholeheartedly enter into games with him. Sometimes a little too enthusiastically. You have no doubt that you are the perfect choice for showing him how things are done. And you quickly figured out that if he had a toy you wanted you could simply swap it with one you didn't want and as long as he remained happy you could get away with it.

It's been an excellent 3 years and we are looking forward to sharing the many years ahead of you. You are a precious gift, one that we're frequently sure we don't deserve.

Happy 3rd Birthday Orclette!

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Happy birthday Orclette!