Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Afterparty.

Orclett'e birthday bash was a huge success. Everyone she wanted to be there came plus a few more friends that made it into a party. She received several gifts-all in pink-and was absolutely adorable the entire time. Miniorc also hammed it up.

And I scored with the pink princess cake I made for her and the pink princess decorations I put up. First successful party I've thrown and I'm very proud of meself:)

And then we put them to bed. And put on Serenity, the movie. And our friends who are also sci-fi junkies went out for the happy beverages. (note: Damm doesn't drink ever and I only drink O'Douls when my little kiddos are around, so safety was assured for all.) And our back porch, with lights hanging from our tree and our deck with the pathways to the boat was a perfect setting for sitting and grieving for Wash (that'll only make sense if you've seen Serenity).

It was awesome. But O'Douls combined with lots of salt and sugar and too many cans of Coke Zero to count make for one interesting hangover. We all slept in til 9 a.m. but I think Damm and I could've snoozed the entire morning away.

It's a good thing birthdays come only once a year, and that I only have two kids. I'm not sure I could handle doing this type of shindig more frequently:)

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Cap'n John said...

Wash's death was so tragic, and so unexpected.

Joss Whedon did an amazing job with Firefly. The Writing, the Casting, the Direction (Isn't that the past tense of what a Director does?). It was fantastic.