Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This blog has been taken over

by wulfa and her workout posts! Dang it!

I'm enjoying the workout and already feeling some of the results which has been nice.

fSo to counter act her RL infusion; let me point you at my latest character: Stockings

Stockings is a cheerful little goblin. He has forest green hair and emerald eyes, a charcoal grey skin tone and slightly pointed ears. His teeth are brilliantly white from daily polishing and are appropriately sharp. He stands about 3'4" tall and weighs maybe 45 pounds.

His most noticeable feature is the bulging socks that hang from his chain mail armor.... they sway as he walks and emit a hollow clacking sound. He is very protective of these socks, always checking that they are there and the same weight. Under his armor you can just make out the vestiges of a silver ephod, it has definitely seen better days. Across Stockings back is a quiver and bow and a pouch stuffed to the brim with papers and scrolls. A small wooden earring pierces his left ear.

Stockings comes from a small village in Dalrok. Nothing much to see there... the villagers have the lowest in their society farm a little bit. The upper fringes occasionally raiding a near by settlement. Never hostile enough to get any attention but irritating enough to keep the anti-goblin stigma up.

Several years ago he was a young cleric's assistant. Every day as he carefully copied his master's scrolls he would see the Chieftain's daughter walk by. Her purple grey skin glossily reflecting the suns rays through her shoulder length fuchsia hair, her sparkling yellow eyes glinting as she sashayed past him. It is no wonder that very shortly he fell deeply in love with her. Bold even then; he asked for her hand. The chieftain was furious that such a non-bulky, un-threatening goblin would dare ask for his daughter's hand and refused. So daily Stockings came with a new poem, a new flower, and the same request. Finally the chieftain had enough, he agreed conditionally. Stockings would have to prove he was tough enough for her hand. The Chieftain proposed a task, one that was both dangerous and beneficial to the tribe. Stockings would have to go out and kill undead until he had enough finger bones to prove his love. The Chieftain warned him that the tribe's shaman would verify that they were undead and that the more powerful the undead the more easily verified the bones would be. Stockings was overjoyed and quickly gathered his belongings and left.

Overheard shortly after that: "How much is enough?" "One more than he has. Besides hopefully he'll be a wight or zombie in a few years and this nonsense will stop."

Stockings didn't overhear that conversation... he was already well into the forest when he realized that he didn't know how many enough was. The only reasonable meaning must be as many as she is worth. And she was worth a LOT. Well... best to get started...

Since that day Stockings has wandered the world, learning what he can and hunting as many undead as he can. He has grown to hate their vile existence and to strive to protect those who are attacked by the horrendous creatures.

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