Saturday, May 8, 2010


So it's been two weeks. Today, for the first time, I made the conscious decision to push it during the workout. Before this I'd been surviving. Damm hasn't been eating enough-he has had that feeling of total exhaustion. So we'll be tweeking his eating, adding in more protein and carbs. I already had started eating more because my LittleMan upped his eating and I couldn't function at the caloric level I had been at.

And today we added the last new workout for this month: Cardio Abs. I had to rip off my shirt at that point, just like the dudes in the video, because it was dripping. And I was in the safety of my living room. No crunches, yet extremely hard.

And at this point I'm not going to continue daily postings on INSANITY. I'll post our Fit Tests, Measurements, and Weight, but the rest of this month we'll be doing the same workouts. When we hit Month 2 I probably will post once a day for at least a week, just so you can share in our pain. That counts as working out, right? Reading the travails of others? :P Hehe.

And I'm beginning to look at other exercise regimens sold by BeachBody. Shaun T., of INSANITY, is the dude who does Hip Hop Abs. If Damm thinks he could stick to that, we might buy that so we can alternate with INSANITY. I'm thinking he'll like it because you don't have to lift weights, but it is dancing. They have a few others but you gotta lift weights. Nothing wrong with that but Damm prefers exercises that don't require equipment because you can do them anywhere.

I'm thinking it's time for Second Breakfast. Wulfa the Workout Maven out.

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