Friday, May 7, 2010


The day got away from me. Stayed up waaaaay to late last night. Had some fun with the guildies downing Onyxia, although I got meself incindered fairly early on. One of my favorite people-Shrinnpoof-was also on, and once again we were Queens of the Emotes. Brought back memories of running Kara, us busily whispering and totally not paying attention to where we were going ... The good 'ol days.

But back on topic. Stayed up too late, woke up not wanting to do anything. We're in the difficult portion of any exercise routine: the 2nd week. The first week you're all hyped up, carrying through on pure adrenaline. The second week? You're starting to question why the heck you wanted to do this in the first place and you don't yet have the results you're working so hard for. But we are soldiering through, encouraged and bolstered by the following text from my baby brother, who is also doing INSANITY:

"The second month of INSANITY is insane."

Whee. Just whee. So I'm constantly reminding myself why I'm doing this: marathon shape. Marathon shape. And it's only 40 minutes. After a marathon that's nothing. Mentally I'm incredibly prepared for INSANITY. Physically is slowly catching up:) My words of workout wisdom for the day?

"Have all of your gear ready the night before."

Seriously. More than once the fact that my shoes had been waiting for me all night long is the only reason I've gotten up.

Wulfa the Workout Maven out.

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