Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some more un-finished works.

The woman turned, blood still on her hands. "He refused the gift. He challenged the river. I have but granted him mercy." The rest of the train, erupted in angry shouting and surged towards her. Those that could get past the dying man on the floor snatched at her as she backed up towards the next compartment, but every grasping hand failed to reach her. She made it to the door and opened it, then bowing apologetically closed it in their faces while triggering a safety override that would lock it securely behind her.

She turned, and bumped right into the train marshal. Surprised she jumped back but had no where to go.

"Now, why don't you drop that knife and come quietly", he snarled, energy pistol aimed at her head.

She laughed, a sparkling giggly laugh like a brook in spring. "Child of Earth, you have no idea of why and what I have done."

With that she threw herself off the train.

And instantly connected with a tree that had grown too close... there was a wet splash and no scream.

The Marshal stood staring... shock freezing him in place. The wet smell of a lake beach washed over him waking him from the shock. He stumbled forward unlocking the lock to check on the dead body.
Meh. That came as I was driving to work. The song "Don't say my name" by someone.

I would love to put in here a great story from a protoss perspective but I just haven't figured out the voice for them.

Oh speaking of voices. I've been practicing dialog in a number of different places. I'm pleased with myself because now at least my mind's eye can add dialog. I used to just have action because I didn't know what to have people say. I guess I had not paid enough attention to what was said previously.

And speaking of Protoss. I've changed my main race from Zerg to Protoss after a few days of playing the latest edition. The reasons for this are as follows:

1) Most important: the wife didn't like the bug look. :P

2) I couldn't really get a grasp on how to play Zerg properly. I knew the units and had a vague idea of how to use them but every game I found myself destroyed by a terran or a protoss player. At least with the Protoss when I've lost for the most part it has been slower and I've been able to instantly know what I did wrong. And with the Protoss I've WON games. Winning is a big incentive.

3) With the Protoss I know the options I want to take after I gain access to T2 units. With the zerg I was never quite sure what to use to counter what.

Currently though my Protoss play is n00bish. For those of you who played SC1... lots of things are the same... LOTS of things have changed. I'm using a variant of the zealot rush, followed by what the circumstances dictate.

My favorite game was the one where me and this terran player fought it out and both generated almost 200 point armies without either of us creating a single air unit and then fought it out. It was pretty epic.... I think I only won because of first strike initiative.

Anyways... I'm up to my lowly copper rank 8. (Copper is lowest tier for online multiplayer yes I suck bad).

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