Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fast thought for the night.

20,399 people have died in Mexico's war on drugs since 2006.

1777 people have died in Afghanistan due to the war there since 2001

At least 100,000 people have died in Iraq since 2003, as the site I linked only seemed to count civilians.

But what shocked me was the mexican numbers.


bobreaze said...

Well if you research the war on drugs youll find out. That when you increase policing the illegal trade the drug kingpens fight back. The war on drugs is an utter failure that will plague future generations unless we end it. It has not reduced drug use, availability or improved our lives. In fact the drug war has made it so a swat team can invade a home shoot the family dog infront of a 7 year old kid. Arrest the parents for misdimeanor MJ possesion and child endangerment... All because if they had waited to execute the warrent the drugs would be gone. Now keep in mind they found less than an ounce. Ugh sorry this is one of my soap boxes. For more info on how the drug war sucks and should be neded please go to A guy named pete post daily on this subject its very informative.

Dammerung said...

@bob I could easily see towards agreeing that the policing of some drugs is stupid. MJ for one. I'm not there yet but I could see facts pushing me there. However others like heroin or anything on that level of addiction I'm not sold. To me the effect that they have on person is too dangerous to be legal. But that is not something I've researched or have a firm opinion on.

With the war on drugs in mexico there was an entirely additional issue. The level of corruption had gotten so bad that -PRE- drug war the cartels were using "anti-kidnapping" police squads to kidnap and hold people for ransom. When corruption hits those levels then something has to be done.

Personally the reason for smashing the cartels that I see is kidnapping/mass murder/civil terrorism charges not because of the drugs they use. And they should be smashed with all the fury that justice can deliver. The mexican justice system was a joke. It is getting better but still people do not even pretend to trust it. In comparison -our- legal system with its many many follies was a perfect heavenly system of pure justice.

People need require justice. Not pure crazy justice like in a comic book but enough to know that they can trust their government. The efforts of Calderon have made me admire him to a degree(not idolize). He has done a good deal of good towards cleaning up their system. The question is if it was too late(destabalization) or if he'll be able to follow through to the end.

bobreaze said...

Well see i dont support legalization of all drugs no some cocaine, heroic, meth, etc those are what i consider drugs worth policing with tough laws, they destroy lives. While caldren has done a great job trying to restore order to a nation he is losing sight of a valuable tool, if he and the US legalized MJ it would reduce the money that drug cartels bring in by 60%. BEcause marijuana makes up 60% of what they sell. The best way to fight a war is with bulletes, winning hearts of the citizens by being honest ( 70 years of lies about pot), and bankrupting the enemy.

To be honest the only drug i want to see legalized is MJ. Its my personal choice for recrational fun. I don't drink, or smoke cigarettes i pay my taxes work 8-5 just finished my associates degree. Would you call me a criminal? I wouldnt but because of my choice in recreational substances im considered a criminal if i partake.

The war on pot has caused more damage than if we legalized it. Not to mention it has failed to attain its goals of reducing use and availability. Children have access to mj because its unregulated, Drug dealers don't ID.

The only way to reduce use of mj and restrict its availibility to minors is regulation, similar to alchol and tobbacco. Along with education programs to inform teens about possible consequences of underage use. If your concerned about more drivers smoking and driving i understand, that would be an issue that needs to be addressed. However responsible adul;ts drink and dont drive just like i dont smoke and drive.

Thank you for being a good sport some people dont have open minds and think that by ignoring an issue that it will go away. Maybe i convinced you marijuana should be legalized maybe not. Thanks for having a polite converstaion about it though. I really appreciate it.