Saturday, May 15, 2010


Okay I'll admit. I'm prejudiced. I honestly thought racing had to be boring to watch and that really only backwoods southern hicks liked it.

Then my neighbor turned out to be a racing fanatic. And tonight we agreed to go watch the weekly local races. And we had a blast. Even the Orclette and she fell on the bleachers twice and got a split lip but still had fun.

Oh which reminds me of a funny convo that happened:
Me: "Huh I didn't know that bugs[car] were any good...."
My neighbor: "Dude, bugs[car] are baaaad. Seriously they rock."
Orclette very seriously: "I don't like bugs[insect]. They are bad."

Wulfa also had fun and will have to write a post about it.

The keypoint of the night was when my neighbor's friend's boy who was racing in the street stock catagory got bumped in the first lap and him and the bumpee went spinning off the track.... and he came back 4 laps later to take first. That was lots of fun. The other big point was the guy with the cherry red bug that had a ticklemeelmo tied to the back window frame like it was hanging on for dear life.

Anyways... way less biased now and actually willing to watch NASCAR with my neighbor one of these sundays.

But if I go to the track again I'm so totally bringing headphones.


scott said...

Honestly, short track racing is usually a lot more fun to watch. NASCAR races are really long, and not a lot happens. At a short track, they have a bunch of short races, and it is usually more fun to watch.

bobreaze said...

Yeh dirt track racing > than nascar by a long shot. For nascar just watch the last 50 laps thats when they actually start to race each other. By headphones did you mean ear plugs? because those are definatley a nice thing to have.

Dammerung said...

Bob I meant something like this: