Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This is my math notes.

I've largely failed to finish any side project I've every started on. Ever.

I'm really easily distracted after about two weeks. I'd prefer to be more focused I really really would.

Capn John: My Dammerung was named after the ship :P. I think that is awesome that you were chatting with someone about that. I liked it because of the long namishness. This is what I'm thinking about naming my next toon:
Ehrfürchtiger Schicksalwolf des glänzenden Flitters

This comes from:

English Babel: Awesome doom wolf of shiny baubles.
German Babel: Ehrfürchtiger Schicksalwolf des glänzenden Flitters.
English Babel: Ehrfürchtiger fate wolf of the shining Flitters.

Anyways: Anna has a lovely post up. It matches a lot of my experiances with pugs.

And with regards to WoW. My playtimes suffer from RTW, midterms, and guard drill. I'm not even sure I want to relieve them of their suffering. WoW is fun yes but meh. The stories in it never fully captured me(certainly not any of the alliance ones). And now that I've got two toons at cap I'm a lot less driven to "get bigger numbers". I don't know. I'm not quitting but I no longer am really interested by what I do in game. This may simply be because I don't play much and Wulfa doesn't play much.


How cool would you be if you were named that? huh? yeah you know it. My next toon shall be called Adwosb and you'll know what it means and you will be utterly amazed and stunned.

That brings to mind a story I haven't even imagined yet. Huh... well off to daydream or study one of them.

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