Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain rain go away

Ft. Gordon GA is currently experiencing rain of mythical proportions. I swear.... its true.... I'm not just saying this because I hate water and got wet.

I tried to fix the bird from yesterday's post. You'll probably not see it until next weekend. I also drew a dragon. Am I bored? I don't know... I'm reading Fred Saberhagen Vampire fiction(which I despise) and R.A. Salvatore(sorry all his fans but this is kinda like the cigarette addicts who pick up a mud covered butt off the ground and try to suck the insides out).

So yeah I'm bored.

Talked with my Dad for an hour yesterday which was fun as I almost never talk to my parents on the phone due to only ever calling Wulfa. my friend whose laptop I am borrowing needs it back. Later interwebs.


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