Sunday, October 11, 2009

More drawings

I tried to think of a post but I couldn't. So I decided to post two of my latest drawings up:

The turtle... he fails at life. Everything else is me expressing frustration at my turtle for failing at life.

The deer turned out amazingly better than I thought it would when I started.

The bird... ugh. I can't get the tails to do what I wanted. I liked how the flowers went though.

I did the deer all in one go with an ink pen... it went really quickly and I thought I'd be all super awesome and do the bird and flowers in pencil first so I could change things as I went. The pencil went great but it turns out I hate going back over things in ink. So very boring that is.

I went to B&N to look up books that could teach me more about drawing because this is becoming very fun. But all I found were books that tought you how to draw realisticly. I want books that show me more things like what I am already doing and give me suggestions on ways to improve on my current gig. I do not enjoy seeing/drawing pictures of things that look exactly like what they are. I want to draw lines that capture the essence of what I am drawing without looking like a picture of one. Terry Pratchet described it best in Hat Full of Sky when he talked about the picture of a horse. I don't have the book with me or I would quote it. Feel free to look it up.

I told Wulfa she was my hero and she asked why. Let me give you two small fake(but accurate) quotes from each of us:

Wulfa: I am so tired. I just spent all day cleaning the house while holding a fat heavy baby to my chest and wrestling with a squirmy shouting two yearold whirlwind who knows the word "now". I also helped your mom with all of her housework and choir stuff while lifting weights and practicing my flute. I'm back in shape less than a month after having the baby and am handling all the finances and car stuff while you are away. I called your unit and found out all the things you need to do when you get back and I have been scouting for a new place to live. Oh and yay your kids just had THREE MILLION POOPY DIAPERS and I handled that as well. I just hope you are doing okay while you are so busy there in the army.

Dammerung: I am so tired. I had to stand in the rain for twenty min and then they made me do about 10 pushups in cadence. Oh and my roomate is whiney and I had to force myself to stay awake for six hours while in class learning something monkeys do blindfolded while scratching themselves. My life sucks. I wish I was home with you where everything is easy.


Kayeri said...

Hee, my husband and I both got a chuckle out of this one. Sadly, being a military brat, I know darned well Wulfa's 'quote' is pretty darned accurate... :)

You are a cool husband and daddy. :)

Jared Carson said...

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