Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cough gag fuss.

Hi interwebs. Dammerung here.

I just spent almost two hours clearing out all the blogs I don't currently read from my feed reader and reading up on all the ones I do read. The list went from 165 to like... 12. 99% of the blogs I removed were WoW based blogs which I simply do not read right now due to not playing since January? Sometime this last spring.

Me and Wulfa will be playing again. It will just be after I get home and after we get a second laptop.

Army stuff: TRADOC... sucks. Full of extra stupid rules just because one private out of 400 can't manage to keep his stuff or his body clean. Or one private out of 50 can't keep from bringing food into the barracks. Or one private out of 20 can't keep his mouth shut and out of fights. I cannot wait to graduate. 37 days 12 hours left I think.

Just so you know... getting in shape... one of the best things that ever happened to me. I've been on profile for the last month and am having to get back in shape and as I'm doing it I'm realizing how much better I felt when I ran daily. How much more rested I was when I got physical exercise every day. If you don't do something for exercise please.... start. You'll be rather shocked at how better life is.

Oh... yeah last thursday I was given permission to start running again. Yay! Stupid surgery. And on the 15th... pushups!

Lesseee.... what else......

Not really sure. I think that is it. Talk to you guys later.


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Patrick said...

Congrats on getting yourself into shape. Yeah, my weight lifting totally fell to the wayside...again. Also congrats on your recovery going well. I know how frustrating it is to wait for an injury to heal before you can run around again.