Monday, September 28, 2009

Wasn't my turn

Damm was supposed to post pictures of his recent drawings over the weekend. They're pretty good-some of them he's considering getting as a tattoo. Yes, I have turned him over to the dark side. I think it's going to be a fun, romantic evening getting needles stuck into our bodies (my mother-in-law shudders every time I mention it).

Anyway, he was going to share them with the world, and he didn't. It wasn't my turn to post, dangnabbit.

So, my latest research kick has been Eating Clean, as put together by Tosca Reno. She only got into shape in her 40's and is now a leading fitness nutrition expert person thingy (I've no idea if she has a degree or not in the field). And she's written a book about Clean Eating for kids. Since I don't like a lot of vegetables I figured I'd like the recipes in the kid's book better. And I was right.

So, changes I have made to make our pantry/fridge a Clean Eating paradise:

1. switched from Hershey's Dark Chocolate to Lindt's 85%. I've always liked both but Hershey's has more sugar ...
2. using Agave Nectar instead of other syrup/honey/sugar products. It's actually quite tasty but a little pricey.
3. I'm giving up my flavored coffee creamers in exchange for organic fat-free half&half. I think this is the hardest one.
4. more fish. I like fish. This is not a problem.

Stuff I'm not changing:
1. Ranch dressing. I know it's got unpronouncable stuff in it, but I just can't give it up.
2. occasional diet soda. Yep, it's horrible for you. My eyes are wide open as I drink the bad stuff.
3. I'm not making my own ketchup.
4. We don't go out much so when I do I ain't trying to make Clean Eating choices.

Oh, because I didn't mention earlier: the gist of Clean Eating is only eating stuff that comes from the earth; i.e. no unreadable ingredients list. Eating every 2-3 hours, avoiding all the processed stuff, etc. I think it's worth looking into, although as you can see by my list above I'm not throwing over our pantry whole-hog.

I just don't want the Orclette or Miniorc to struggle with weight/body issues. I can help by not loading them up with foods that will make them gain weight in all the wrong places (the occassional candy/burger/soda/icecream is not a problem ... just eating them regularly is, in my opinion). And of course it'll help Damm and meself as well.

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